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Miami, Florida. The decision of the recent US elections will have a high impact on the future of health programs in order to improve the medical system where new ways in restructuring medicines.

Since the beginning of Obamacare system, several renowned doctors decided to retain its traditional structure by combining the two options for the benefit of their patients, including Dr. Carlos E. Vaca, MD, PA who practices internal medicine since 1995, serving hundreds of patients in South Florida community.


When a foreigner comes to visit the United States or a new resident looking for a doctor, it is difficult to find doctors not only reputable, but reliable and with a wide range of general and personalized services.

Dr. Vaca native of Nicaragua, studied in Mexico, then moved to work in New York. He trained at New York Medical College from 1989 to 1994 and spent several years working at the Miami Heart Institute and Cedars Medical Center before opening his own practice, he’s certified in internal medicine and in critical care medicine.



Carlos Vaca, MD
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