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Urinary Analysis Specialist

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Carlos Vaca, MD

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Urinary analysis is one of the most common lab tests performed in the office, where the test reveals many conditions from common urinary tract infections to serious chronic diseases. Carlos Vaca, MD, offers comprehensive medical care that includes urinary analysis and other blood work needed to determine the cause of your symptoms. If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment, call the office in Miami or use the online booking feature.

Urinary Analysis

When might I need a urinary analysis?

The primary reasons for getting a urinary analysis include:

Routine medical screening

Dr. Vaca may perform a urinary analysis as part of your annual physical exam to screen for disorders such as diabetes and kidney or liver disease. A urinary analysis is also commonly done to test for pregnancy or when needed for presurgery testing.

Diagnosing a medical condition

Dr. Vaca performs a urinary analysis to help diagnose the cause of abdominal pain, back pain, or problems with urination such as frequent urination, painful urination, difficulty urinating, or blood in your urine.

Monitoring a medical condition

If you’ve been diagnosed with kidney disease, a urinary tract problem, lupus, or other chronic conditions, you may need a regular urinary analysis to monitor your condition and to make sure your treatment is working.

What substances might a urinary analysis detect?

A urinary analysis evaluates the color and clarity of your urine sample. Then the sample is tested for numerous substances and examined under the microscope. These tests reveal components that shouldn’t be in your urine, as well as unusually high levels of normal components. A few of the key substances that can indicate problems include bacteria, proteins, sugar, white blood cells, and red blood cells.

How is a urinary analysis performed?

When you need to have your urine tested, you need to provide 1-2 ounces of urine in a clean container provided by Dr. Vaca. You can collect your urine at any time of the day, but in some cases, Dr. Vaca may ask you to collect a sample when you urinate for the first time in the morning because it’s more concentrated and more likely to show abnormalities.

If Dr. Vaca asks for a clean catch, you’ll need to clean your genital area before collecting the urine. This is done to stop bacteria normally living in the surrounding skin from getting into your urine sample. When you’re ready to collect your sample, let some of the urine fall into the toilet, collect 1-2 ounces, then finishing urinating into the toilet.

Urine samples collected at home should be brought into the office within an hour. If it will take longer than an hour, you’ll need to refrigerate the sample or add a preservative.

Urinary analysis is performed in the office so you’ll get quick, reliable results. To schedule an appointment, call Carlos Vaca, MD, or use the online booking feature.