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Venus Legacy™

Cellulite Treatment Machine

Anti-Aging Treatment Machine


Venus Legacy™ is a highly advanced, non-invasive, FDA-approved, medical device that effectively resolves many face and body aesthetic needs. Treatments are comfortable, safe on all-skin-types, and require no down time.


Venus Legacy™ is powered by (MP)2 technology and features cutting-edge VariPulse™  technology. This is the only medical device in the industry with advanced VariPulse™ technology.


This innovative treatment offers combined pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and multipolar radio frequency to deliver a controlled therapeutic and soothing heat matrix directed at your area of concern.  


The procedure stimulates the body's natural healing response which includes fibroblasts proliferation, collagen synthesis and improved vascularity. When integrated with the VariPulse™ techonology, subcutaneous fat deposits and cellulite are easier to target, enhancing the lipolysis effect of RF energy, while simultaneously stimulating lymphatic drainage. 


The procedure is extremely effective for creating a healthier looking appearance. Sagging and loose skin all over your body can be lifted and tightened. The procedure decreases the look of cellulite, reduces fat, provides thinner and smoother thighs, flattens the abdomen and tightens the skin for a more toned appearance.


Beyond aesthetic and body contouring needs, there have been numerous publications that show clinical evidence of the positive effects of PEMF in the treatment of migraine relief, depression, parkinson, post-operative pain and edema, pain relief, and even wound/bone healing. 

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